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The slopes of the community’s stormwater ponds must be maintained in order to control and prevent erosion, or loss of the soil. Erosion of the slopes of the stormwater ponds can add unwanted sediment to the water that can affect the water quality in the pond and the areas that receive the pond’s water. In addition, eroded banks make it difficult to access and maintain the ponds and unchecked erosion may cause damage to the properties of homeowners next to the affected pond.


The slopes are susceptible to erosion due to

  • wave action in the ponds
  • the normal fluctuation of the groundwater levels between the rainy and dry seasons
  • direct discharge of water from roofs or drains, such as through a roof downspout, a pool overflow pipe, or a water conditioner outflow pipe, that is very concentrated and can carry away soil in its path
  • direct discharges from pool drains and water conditioners that contain chemicals such as chlorine or salt that can kill the grass and/or plants that keep the soil in place
  • lack of grass and/or plants since vegetation helps keep the soil in place.


Discharges of water from roofs, pools, and water conditioners can significantly damage pond berms and slopes due to the quality of the water and the concentrated flow of water. Residents who have, or plan to create, a concentrated discharge of water must contact the CDD office to discuss ways to reduce the erosion potential. One way to avoid a concentrated discharge is shown in the illustration below:

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